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Following up on the 2019 Edge Woman of the Year Award, an Interview with Farah Papaioannou

By February 17, 2020July 21st, 2020Postcards from the Edge

Edge Woman of the Year Award Logo

Last December, State of the Edge and Edge Computing World presented edge industry leader Farah Papaioannou with the First Annual Edge Woman of the Year Award 2019.  It was a great honor to present Papaioannou, Co-Founder and President of Edgeworx, Inc., with a trophy at the Edge Computing World on December 11, 2019, hosted in Silicon Valley. 

Listen to Papaioannou discuss edge computing and women in the industry in this exclusive  IT Visionaries interview

Presenting the First Edge Woman of the Year Award

Matthew Trifiro (State of the Edge), Farah Papaioannou (Edgeworx), Gavin Whitechurch (Edge Computing World)

The Edge Woman of the Year 2019 award recognized Papaioannou for her outstanding impact on the edge computing industry and her multidimensional technology leadership, including venture capital, edge cloud computing, and open-source projects. 

The Edge Woman Award highlights the growing importance of contributions and accomplishments of women in this innovative industry. As the edge industry continues to grow, increasing the diversity of voices of those who drive this industry forward will become essential to its success. By recognizing the work done by female leaders in the field, the creators of this award hope to promote the future growth of female opportunity and leadership in edge.

The organizers encouraged the edge industry to nominate their colleagues, and also encourage qualified women to nominate themselves for the award. Nominees impacting the direction of their organization’s strategy, technology or communications around edge computing, edge software, edge infrastructure or edge systems applied. The “Top Ten Women in Edge” list of finalists alone is an impressive snapshot of the difficult choice faced by the panelists and judges when it came time to award the designation.

Papaioannou is one of those ten outstanding women recognized by the judges for their leadership efforts. Under her leadership, Edgeworx has become widely recognized as one of the leaders in the Edge Cloud Computing category, having also been recognized as a finalist for the Leading Lights Award for the Most Innovative Edge Computing Strategy.

Papaioannou has worked tirelessly to move the edge computing industry forward via the ioFog open source project, which is part of the Eclipse Foundation. ioFog has been promoted to a top-level project at the Eclipse Foundation, and is the fastest-growing Eclipse IoT project with core parts of the project being downloaded over 100,000 times a month.

“I’m honored to have been chosen as Edge Woman of the Year 2019 and to be recognized alongside many inspiring and innovative women across the industry,” said Papaioannou. “I appreciate the recognition and look forward to continuing my work in the industry; together we have a lot to accomplish.”

Don’t forget to listen to Papaioannou discuss edge computing and women in the industry in this exclusive  IT Visionaries interview.