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State of the Edge

A vendor-neutral platform for open research on edge computing that is dedicated to accelerating innovation by crowdsourcing a shared vocabulary for edge.


State of the Edge came to life back in 2018, in a conversation over beers. It was a heady time. Edge computing was just emerging into a mainstream niche. Thought leaders and futurists were staking claims, vendors were slapping “edge” onto their products to stay relevant, and very few people even had agreed-upon definitions for the most basic terms in the industry. The joke at the time was: If you ask 100 people to define edge, you’ll get 112 different answers.

It was in that environment that the original State of the Edge was birthed as a vendor-neutral white paper on edge computing researched and published by a small but passionate group of companies. The organization had an editorial mission. The mission was to align and educate, not generate leads or advance people through a sales funnel. It was an experiment, but it worked. Companies, non-profits, journalists, analysts, and the community at large applauded our efforts, embraced our neutrality and lent their support. Encouraged by the reception, we redoubled our efforts every year since the inception of the project.

The 2023 State of the Edge report  is structured to encompass a diverse range of topics critical to the understanding of Edge Computing. We explore the taxonomy of Edge Computing, providing the Linux Foundation Edge organization’s comprehensive framework to categorize its various components. We delve into the integration of data and artificial intelligence within Edge Computing, shedding light on various pivotal use cases. We address the highly synergistic relationship between networking and Edge Computing. We examine the realm of Industrial Edge Computing, examining its specialized applications and taxonomy. Additionally, we present a collection of “Postcards From the Edge”, in other words, short essays from thought leaders in the field of edge computing. These experts share their perspectives, experiences, and vision for the future of edge computing in their postcards.  

The journey continues

Edge computing represents a long-term transformation of the internet that could take decades to fully materialize. This year’s State of the Edge report does not represent final answers. We’ve studied the market and put our best thinking into the report—but we welcome feedback, comments, and suggestions. Please, join the conversation, consider building upon or adding to the content we present, and help State of the Edge continue to advance the industry with well-researched, vendor-neutral thought leadership.


Hakan Sonmez
Chair, State of the Edge

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